Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari is an important Italian textile reality, born from the merger of two historic Italian Textile Companies, both producing high quality yarns. Born different in DNA and experience, they are deeply linked by the same philosophy such as Italian industrial craftsmanship, high quality standards, production processes and lifestyles attentive to the environment and society, which have made the Company a successful reality at international level.

Cotonificio Olcese was founded in 1904 in Piancogno by Vittorio Olcese, who created the first unprecedented worker village in the history of the Valley.

Cotonificio Ferrari was established in 1919 in the province of Brescia, it became one of the most important realities in the area, assuming importance outside the national borders and also attracting manpower from the regions of central and southern Italy.

The merger of the two cotton mills has created a dynamic and highly design structure in the production of mélange and fancy yarns for jersey and for orthogonal fabrics in cotton and intimate blend with wool, silk, linen and other fine and innovative fibers, with colors and characteristics unique techniques.